Lords & Knights Battle Calculator Spreadsheet

I was contacted, via my About page, about a new Lords & Knight battle calculator, seemingly based around Microsoft Excel.

The link that I was given was to http://www.lordsandknightsspreadsheet.com, but when I look now the site does not seem available.

Hopefully it will be available again as it looks to have some new features compared to other calculators.

I must remember to look again at the site soon!

Lords & Knights Version 2.0 – Download Issues

An update on the Version 2.0 download issues that many of us are experiencing – XRALITY have posted and said do not download:

*** The App Store is currently experiencing technical difficulties. It is possible, that the downloaded Apps or Updates will not work. Therefore, at least for now, please do NOT update to version 2.0. ***

If you do have the issue, the advice seems to be to keep trying to download until you hit an App Store server that does not have the corrupted binary files.

If you have not yet downloaded, then heed the advice and keep on the older version.

I know it is not XRALITY’s fault, so come on Apple! Sort it out!!

Lords & Knights Version 2.0 – A Warning!

So, as suggested, the new version of Lords & Knights for the iPhone and iPad is available and is marked as Version 2.0.  However, it does not seem to have been announced on the Lords & Knights website or their Facebook page.

Features include:

  • Game Center integration
  • Sound effects and music
  • Simultaneous unit recruitment (if more than 10 castles)
  • Simultaneous missions (if more than 8 castles)
  • Simultaneous resource exchange (if more than 5 castles)
  • Share spy and battle reports
  • Mark individual castles in violet
  • Unsubscribe from a game server
  • Settings synchronised with iCloud
  • Alliance wings are given separate diplomacy status of ‘Vassal’ (orange on map)

However, I am having a nightmare getting it to work.  It does not launch when updated from my iPhone.  And when I try to download it via iTunes, I get an iTunes error 8324 – which seems a popular error from iTunes at the moment according to this post.  There is also this post, which seems to be the issue that I am facing, though I also note that many people are downloading with no problems.

Maybe this iTunes / App Store error is why XRALITY are not promoting the new version of the game yet.

So, for the moment, I cannot play Lords & Knights on my iPhone! Grrr!!

I suggest you hold off updating until Apple sort out their iTunes / App Store problems.

LK Manager – A Lords & Knights Calculator App

LK Manager LogoA new iPhone app has been developed to assist in calculating battle times etc.

The app is available on iTune Preview and is called  LK Manager.

The calculator app contains a combat simulator and also assists with calculating attack times for a coordinated attack from multiple castles.

The app is $0.99 and is available in French and English.

I have not yet had a chance to download it yet, but the developer claims that it has been fully tested by beta testers and calculates attack times correctly, so perhaps it will be time for me to put away my trusty Excel spreadsheet!

Lords & Knights Resource Exchange – Now Free

Lords & Knights IconToday, Lords & Knights posted that the Resource Exchange facility added in Version 1.6.4 will not be charged for.  However, you do still need Gold to access the facility, but it will not be taken from your account.

In a future update, this restriction will be removed for players with more than 10 castles.

I tried this out for the first time this afternoon, and it is a time-saver.  It also did not take any Gold!

So well done to the Lords & Knights team for removing what, I am guessing, was an unpopular feature.

Lords & Knights Version 1.6.4

A new version of Lords & Knights (version 1.6.4) was released today.

Resource Exchange (Version 1.6.4)

The only real ‘worthwhile’ update is an improvement in map refreshes, which does seem to work better given a brief check.

The controversial feature is the ability to ‘mass exchange’ resources, silver and copper.  Rather than scroll through each castle and send resource separately, the feature allows for multiple castles to be selected for resources at the same time.  However, each selected castle costs 1 gold coin, which is obviously real money!  From the few reviews that I have read online, this does not seem to have gone down well, and it is not a feature that I will be using.

However, if you feel the urge to use the feature, an explanation is provided on the L&K forums here.

Another feature to help you spend your gold more quickly, but also saves a little time, is the ability to speed up missions for a castle at the same time.  It saves a little time I guess.

The final feature is to allow you to see the detailed rights for players in your alliance from the players profile.  Kind of useful for alliance administrators, I guess.

So, all in all, no features that I am really interested in beyond improvements to the map refreshes!